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Legal Data Resources retrieves and searches for court records from all courts in this jurisdiction. We provide prompt, efficient, dependable and accurate retrieval of court records. Legal Data Resources also specializes in obtaining court records at the Federal, State, County, and Municipal levels of government. Legal Data Resources provides clients with assistance in locating hard to find court records. Law firms, Insurance Companies, Information Brokers and Investigative agencies turn to Legal Data Resources when they are in need of court records. We are unsurpassed in our commitment to servicing our client's needs. Legal Data Resources expertise in scrutinizing court records is unparalleled.


Legal Data Resources provides document retrieval services at all government agencies and departments inside and outside this jurisdiction. We provide daily document retrieval services at the National Archives-Great Lakes Region in Chicago. Document retrieval services are also provided nationwide through our network of correspondents. Many firms rely on our expert document retrieval services when property ownership, deeds, mortgages, tax liens and UCC's judgements have to be located at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds.


Legal Data Resources is the premier information retrieval service in Illinois. Our searchers are very knowledgeable in the process and procedure of information retrieval inside and outside of government. Nothing will stop us when an information retrieval task is requested from a client. We fully understand that accurate, prompt and concise information retrieval is essential for proper business decisions. Legal Data Resources will conduct any type of information retrieval that is in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.


Legal Data Resources' staff are always prepared to swiftly, firmly and effectively serve you, whatever your legal research needs may be. We are committed to the impeccable acquisition of public information from whatever source to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Document Retrieval Services

Retrieval of any document covered under the

Freedom of Information Act

State of Illinois

Secretary of State Business Services

Industrial Commission

City of Chicago

Building Department

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Water Department

Municipal Services

Search local municipalities to find out if property is in compliance with local zoning and building codes. We specialize in obtaining the following documentation:

Zoning Verification Letters

Building and Zoning Code Violation Letters

Certificates of Occupancy

Building Permits

Variances, Special Use Permits or Conditional Use Permits

Planned Unit Developments

Site Plans

Zoning Codes

Cook County Recorder of Deeds Granter / Grantee Index

The Supreme Authority in This Jurisdiction at All Government Levels

US District Court / 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Bankruptcy Index

Civil Index

Criminal Index


Cook County Circuit Court

Law Division

Chancery Division

Domestic Relations Division

County Division

Criminal Division

Probate Division

Municipal Department


Our searchers possess a vast knowledge of the document retrieval process nationwide. We will save you time and money by getting to the document as quickly as possible. Our staff is highly skilled in resolving and problems or answering any question you may have about your request or search, either before, during or after the process. And we are always receptive to you special needs.